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Google Voice with an essential call option

Google Voice, despite being very useful and popular, is often overlooked when it comes to improvements.

That’s why the announcement Google made this week is even more interesting.┬áThe company is expanding Google Voice with some important call personalization features, which allow users to customize the service to best suit their needs.

Google announced new personalized policies on December 21st. Note that additional options will be disabled by default, and end users can enable them and set them in the Google Voice Settings menu. New features are now available to all users.

Google Voice now supports the forwarding of calls received from certain contacts that are sent to the phone number associated with the account; Alternatively, calls from these contacts may also be scheduled to be automatically forwarded to voicemail.

Users can configure Google Voice to automatically check calls from specific contacts, and in cases where calls go to voicemail, users have the option to configure more voicemail greetings for different callers.

Also, users who have multiple contacts may set personalized rules that apply to entire groups of callers, not to each contact individually.

Google Voice is available on PC, Android, iOS and iPad platforms.

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