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Russia imposes record fines on Google

A Moscow court has fined US company Google an unprecedented $ 100 million fine as Russia mounts pressure on foreign tech giants.

Russia has imposed several fines on the world’s largest Internet platforms, accusing them of failing to control and change content properly and of interfering in the internal affairs of the state.

So far, however, the fines against companies like Meta, Twitter and Google have been in the tens of millions of rubles, not billions. However, Google was fined on Friday with a record 7.2 billion rubles (about $ 98 million) for persistent failure to delete banned content.

The banned content was not specified, but Russia regularly takes legal measures to prevent the removal of content that it deems illegal, such as pornographic materials or posts related to drugs and suicide, writes France24, reports Gazeta Express.

In a response to the AFP news agency, the US company said: “We will examine the court documents and then decide on the next steps.”

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