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Austria in search of new workers, the list of professions that are considered deficient cadres is published

Austria has published a detailed list of deficient professions in that country for next year, where 66 professions are listed, and a special list of professions has been defined for certain provinces, writes klix.ba.

It is about the Decree for the professional labor force, respectively the deficient professions for 2022, based on the Law on employment of foreigners throughout Austria, so at least the Austrian embassy in Sarajevo has announced.

According to the published list, some of the professions for which there is a great demand are graduate nurses / technicians, cooks, painters, car mechanics, glass cutters, masons, employees who deal with the repair of roofs of houses, electrical engineers-energy engineers.

The list of deficient staff includes information technology engineers, doctors, carpenters, water installers, graduate mechanical engineers and butchers. 

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