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Three relaxing winter activities that boost immunity

Are you looking for a simple way to protect yourself from disease? Your favorite ways to relax have been proven by studies to help fight colds and viruses in order to stay healthy all winter long!

Stop viral invaders with a delicious breakfast

Go and sit down in the morning to eat an omelette – it’s good for you! Enjoying breakfast foods like eggs, cheese and yogurt is a delicious way to keep viruses away. Scientists at Tufts University say that using a few grams of protein in your breakfast meal reduces the risk of getting sick by 50 percent, as nutrients signal to your immune system to double the production of the antiviral complex gamma interferon.

Accelerate the immune response by staying at the table

It turns out that talking to loved ones and enjoying the slow taste of every bite of your meal boosts your body’s immune response by 300 percent, according to researchers at the National Institutes of Health. They say people who chewed their food for longer produced three times more Th17 cells, which protect against bacterial and fungal infections, than those who chewed less. To benefit, aim to chew about 30 times a bite for denser foods and 10 times for a bite for softer foods.

Relieves stress by sitting in a rocking chair

Those extra minutes you spend in your favorite rocking chair after dinner help you a lot to keep you healthy. Just five minutes of small, repetitive movements, such as gentle rocking in a chair, slow down the release of stress hormones that inhibit the body’s immune response According to a Stanford University study, you will reduce your chances of being affected by a cold or virus up to 45 percent.

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