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Doing these simple activities every day can help reduce memory loss

As we age, memory loss may seem like a more inevitable consequence of aging, along with cracked joints and a lack of interest in late night parties.

In fact, there are many things we can do to keep our memories fresh – and that does not require adopting a new diet or exercise routine.

New research reveals that performing a series of simple activities every day works wonders for reducing memory loss. A recent study published in the journal Aging examined the effects of 33 different daily activities on participants’ memories.

A total of 3,210 participants aged 65 to 89 years participated in the study, during which they engaged in simple activities such as reading, computer use, spending time with grandchildren and walking for 20 minutes. The researchers monitored the subjects for seven years, between 2008 and 2014, during which they recorded any changes in participants’ memories, along with their activities.

An interesting finding

Interestingly, the study authors found that instead of any specific activity that made a significant difference in cognitive health, the key to preventing memory loss was to perform several activities throughout the day. In other words, when participants engaged in some of the given tasks, it seemed to help reduce memory loss more than if they focused on just one activity.

Perhaps even more interesting is that as the study subjects grew, the positive benefits increased. The researchers concluded that changes in memory and brain health are greatly influenced by a person’s daily habits, rather than simply being influenced by the aging process.

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