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Types of food that can increase boredom and depression

The fact that sugar has a terrible effect on the body, is no longer news.

Its presence is directly related to overweight, diabetes and heart disease.

Because sugar has such a strong impact on the occurrence of heart disease, concern naturally arises about the impact on brain health.

Studies have recently found that excess sugar can be the cause of many mental disorders.

The study showed that people who consume a lot of sugar are 23 percent more likely to be affected by depression within the 5 year time frame.

Sugar and depression

Naturally you may think that this problem does not affect you much

But according to the data one can get at least 67 grams of sugar a day by drinking only a carbonated drink and eating a little chocolate.

This figure increases greatly during the day from the consumption of processed foods, fruit juices or bread.

Leading medical experts recommend that one should not consume more than 36 grams of sugar per day.

So if you are not paying attention to the sugar content in your foods, then you are probably overdoing it.

Mood disorders are very complicated and sugar is certainly not the only culprit.

However, experts warn that sugar is an important factor in the occurrence of these disorders.

According to them, this issue needs further studies.

The body signals when you overdo it with sugar

Lack of energy and fatigue

Stunning (especially after eating)

Loss of taste

Problems with feet and skin

Black circles at the bottom of the eye

Weight gain

Furthermore, sugar triggers the release of insulin into the bloodstream, which plays a significant role in weight gain.

The more insulin there is in the body the higher the resistance to it will be.

The body will be confused because it will not know how to respond to the amounts of insulin and process the sugar properly.

Furthermore, the pancreas, the organ responsible for insulin, will become tired and cause diabetes to develop.

How to avoid it

Get rid of white bread, pastry cakes and sweetened cereals and choose whole grain breads, vegetables and fruits.

If you buy packaged foods, check the labels in order to discover the amount of hidden sugars.

Sugars are disguised in various terms such as glucose, dextrose, sweeteners, syrups and others.

If a product contains more than 5 percent sugar per gram of quantity then do not consume it.

Be careful with alcohol, as it can cause strong fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

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