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Porsche owner continues to drive after crash and shocks police officers

After breaking his Porsche, the owner continued to drive until he was stopped by police.

No less surprised were the police officers who noticed the Porsche ‘destroyed’ in traffic.

Police stopped a Porsche not far from Cobham in the UK after a report from a person who was just as surprised by the street view. Respectively, the Porsche Boxster was visibly damaged in a car accident and the owner decided to continue moving on public roads.

In doing so, he dragged the bumper along the road while the other parts fell off while driving. The taillights are also out of order and it is not known in what condition the car is under the sheet metal.

Of course, the surprise does not stop there, as especially the police officers are surprised by the explanation of the owner.

That is, the owner said in a calm tone that he had just had a car accident on M25 Road in Kent, and he “found it okay” to continue driving.

Immediately the police officers underwent an alcohol test and found that there was alcohol in the blood, but to the extent allowed. 

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