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Research suggests that this type of exercise can improve sleep quality

It’s no secret: Good sleep is hard to come by. If you are used to waking up often or have trouble sleeping after your head hits the pillow, you are certainly not alone.

For years, research has suggested that further exercise in your daily routine can help you sleep more easily.┬áBut now, scientists have discovered an even more specific way to do what can bring even more benefits – strength training.

For the latest study, which was published in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports, researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia, used data from the German Health Update Survey 2014.

The survey included over 23,000 people who completed a questionnaire about sleep quality and exercise habits.

According to the findings, there was a strong link between strength training and better sleep. Those who did so were much less likely to report “poor” or “very poor” sleep quality compared to those who did no strength training.

These findings are interesting because so far, most of the data we have on exercise and sleep have focused on cardio and aerobic exercise, such as walking, for example. According to the study authors, “future strategies for modifying health behaviors to improve sleep quality at the population level should consider promoting muscle-strengthening exercises.”

If the thought of strength training scares you, do not worry. When you hear the phrase, you may think of a picture of a bodybuilder digging in the gym, but in fact it is much easier than you think.

Strength training, sometimes called resistance training, involves any exercise that is specifically designed to improve your strength and endurance. 

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