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The big fraud is revealed in the vaccination center in Vienna, without receiving any vaccines, they were provided with certificates – they demanded money for this service

At the Austria Center in Vienna, where thousands of people go every day to get the coronavirus vaccine, police have uncovered a well-organized scam.

Opponents of vaccination in this center were enabled to receive vaccination certificates without receiving the vaccine.

“A number of ‘black sheep’ tried to get rich with fake vaccination certificates for vaccination opponents – by issuing fake vaccination certificates. It is a well-organized hoax. “Initially they received money from certain people, who later, without giving any vaccine – introduced them into the system as immunized people”, they claim in “Austria Center”.

The fraud involved several people who worked in different “stations” during the vaccination process, said the organization “Samariterbund”.

Vaccination stamps are affixed to vaccination certificates in separate booths. This case was discovered after a large number of vaccines were discovered in one of the administrators.

There are no doctors among the suspects, and the swindlers who were discovered have resigned and filed lawsuits against them.

Additional security measures have been taken at the Austria Center to prevent similar problems from recurring. Dr. Ivet Zakarian told the Kronen Zeitung that she witnessed how a security guard took the stamp and stamped a certificate as proof of vaccination.

She even admitted that there were problems with the theft of doctors’ stamps, which “disappeared” every time doctors went out for lunch.

And this is exactly why a new system has started to be applied, where every day stamps are counted and given to doctors after signing a document and during each break they are delivered to certain places where they are well preserved. 

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