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Elon Musk: The Tesla robot will be like R2D2

The CEO of Tesla is once again drawing attention to himself with bold claims.

In a podcast interview, Elon Musk claims that the Tesla robot will be a human helper – and will be more like R2D2 or C-3PO.

The humanoid robot, which is said to contain artificial intelligence, will develop its personality over time, Musk claims in the Lex Fridman podcast: “Because not all robots are created equal.”

The Tesla ‘bot’ was introduced in August

The Tesla robot was introduced in August but will be available in late 2022. At that time, a dancer was dressed in a costume and taken to the stage. Musk only showed interpretations of a “real robot” in the photo.

It is basically out of the question for Musk, Tesla or any of their other companies to build a humanoid robot by the end of 2022 that will develop its personality and become a kind of companion.

Companies like Boston Dynamics have been working on humanoid robots for years. It is more than impossible for Tesla to achieve this advantage within a year. 

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