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China “replaces soldiers with robots” in Tibet because its troops can not withstand high altitude conditions

As the unresolved India-China border dispute raises tensions, media reports claim that China is sending automatic robots to the border – because troops are allegedly battling high-altitude conditions.

According to foreign media reports, dozens of autonomous vehicles capable of transporting weapons and supplies are being sent to Tibet, with most of them deployed in border regions where Chinese troops have been involved in a clash with Indian troops.

The Sharp Claw, which can be steered wirelessly and is armed with a light machine gun, and the Mule-200, which is intended as an unmanned delivery truck but can also be equipped with armament, are two examples of vehicles.

Also, as further stated, the Telegraph reports, China is now supplying troops with MUL-200 unmanned vehicles, while also offering weapons to its army.

China has also provided 70 VP-22 military armored vehicles to supplement unmanned vehicles.

The region, which is extremely arid, remote and mostly “inhospitable”, has little practical access beyond some of the trade routes traversing its deserts, but carries symbolic significance for both sides eager to demonstrate superiority.

Otherwise, tensions rose in 2020 as Chinese and Indian troops engaged in fighting, with many dead. 

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