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Sleeping in a warm room and suffer from night cough ?! These four tricks will help you, one of them is consuming chocolate

Dry air at bedtime is the biggest nightmare

Cold weather brings joy to someone, but one thing is for sure. Cold weather, more precisely the heating season, brings with it a reduced level of humidity in the air, which is a potential source of many problems.

It is an ingrained belief that humidity causes many health problems and that reducing humidity can only bring good.

The biggest nightmare is undoubtedly the dry cough that disturbs our sleep.

Following this text we bring you four simple ways to prevent this phenomenon.

Air humidifier

Use air humidifier. Some heaters have a water tank that serves to prevent air drying. In radiators you can place special containers that are filled with water and are simply installed in the radiator, do not take up much space and can not be drained.

Finally, you can place a pot of water on the radiator. Try it. You can eliminate the problem with cough. Add a few drops of peppermint oil and get a wonderful air freshener.

Remove the heaters

Avoid sleeping under or near fans and air conditioners, as well as near electric heaters, especially those operating with a hot exhaust system. Dust and other particles accumulate inside them over time, which you inhale at night and therefore cough.

Avoid sprays

Avoid using perfumes, room fresheners and other sprays in the room where you sleep.

Eat some chocolate

It was a good excuse to enjoy this food that we all love and are often blamed for being overweight. Chocolate, cocoa and many chocolate cakes contain theobromine, a substance that can reduce the activity of the vagus nerve that causes coughing. 

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