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Renault is gradually unveiling the car model that will follow Kadjari

The new SUV is in the final stage of development, has been “disguised” and launched for testing on European roads.

Renault Austral, which will succeed the outgoing Kadjar, is in the final stages of development, say the French manufacturer.

Renault clarifies that before the official start of sales of the new model, extensive tests were carried out on the first vehicles for months to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Durability tests make it possible to check the reliability and longevity of the various components. Among them is a new engine with which the Australian SUV is equipped and on which it was used for the first time at Renault.

At this testing stage, a fleet of hundreds of vehicles will cover two million kilometers, the company says.

The new SUV will travel through France, Spain, Germany and Romania to check the correctness of values ​​previously obtained. Thus, 900 drivers will cover 600 thousand kilometers in real conditions on the open road and another 1,400,000 kilometers on the racetrack.

These tests, among others, will make it possible to control the settings of the new platform CMF-CD3, driving assistance systems, sound insulation.

The new 1200 cm3 three-cylinder turbocharged engine produces 130 horsepower at 4500 rpm, while at 1750 rpm it develops a 230 Nm of torque.

This direct injection engine is made of aluminum to reduce its weight. Uses variable valve opening technology to reduce consumption when maximum power is not required.

The new SUV will be introduced in the spring of 2022.

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