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A large part of the people will be in meta-weather by 2030 – warns an expert

If you want to travel the world, or see amazing things and transform into a whole new person, then you are in luck, as experts believe that you will soon be able to live your life in metaverse.

According to foreign media , the Businesscrafter reports, Melanie Subin, director of consulting for the Future Today Institute, told The New York Post that she believes that “a large number of people will be in the meta-currency in some way” by 2030. many will use it only for work, she believes it will play a bigger role for others.

In fact, Subin added that many people “will live most of the hours in the virtual world” – an obvious reference to the work of author William Gibson, who imagined a science-fiction society in which people flee the real world desperate to the virtual best.

As part of society’s slow decline in a digital world, some experts predict that AR and VR clothing devices like Meta’s Oculus will become much more prevalent in the near future.

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