Why Are CCTV Cameras Required in Public Places?

Public places are often crowded and even more so on the weekends. If a security breach takes place at such venues, much can be at stake and the impact can be severe. It is of high importance to ensure that the security measures are tight in places like malls, shopping avenues, parks, and beaches. Such places are popular among teens, couples, families with kids, and even senior citizens. It is also important to have strict security measures on streets and traffic signals.

To ensure that the security breach is countered and caught in time, the security systems should have multiple layers. Having security guards doing the rounds, alarm systems, and PA systems are incomplete if they are not supported by surveillance cameras.

How Do Security Cameras Help?

  • Discourages Miscreants

When people know that their every move is being watched, they tend to be better behaved and stay out of mischief. The fear of being caught and punished keeps them in check. It is easy to escape from the patrolling team, but the camera will be able to catch you and it is admissible proof as per law.

  • Eases Identification of Trouble Makers

In case there are trouble makers among the crowd, it is easier to identify and apprehend them without troubling the innocent people. This saves the hassle of questioning the general public who might not be comfortable with the investigative procedures.

  • Ensures the Safety of People

When people know that the security measures are in place, they can enjoy their time in public places without worrying. They do realize that the chances of mishaps are low and if something does happen, it will be easy to catch and punish those responsible. If there is fear, the public places will lose their charm and people will lose an opportunity to enjoy.

  • Prevent Incidents

With active surveillance cameras and supervising teams in place, any suspicious activity can be spotted quickly and attended to. This may not be possible for the security guards to catch in time. With the help of the alarms and PA system, the public can be alerted to danger.

Precautions to Be Taken While Installing Cameras

The cameras must not invade the privacy of anyone living in the vicinity. They should be positioned in such a way that they cover the public areas but do not have access to activities in the homes nearby. Also, the cameras should avoid any toilets or changing rooms within the public areas.

Having a surveillance camera has its pros and cons. But, considering its importance, the cons can be taken care of with some manipulation. The kind of security provided by the cameras is very effective, indeed.